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Better together after all – real estate in the UK

After months of waiting, the results are finally known.  Scotland has voted to remain part of the Union, established back in 1707. When it joined, it kept its own established legal system which it has retained to this day, distinct from that of England and Wales. Scotland even has its own land registry – the Registers of Scotland.  Advice on real estate law in Scotland will continue to be sought from a Scottish lawyer rather than dealt with by English lawyers.

All three major Westminster parties have signalled their approval for further devolved powers to Scotland.  Commenting on the result David Cameron raised the West Lothian question, confirming his commitment to greater devolution across Great Britain, including votes on English issues by English MPs at Westminster.

It remains to be seen how far real estate is likely be affected by further devolution in the future.  Areas such as taxation, planning, enforcement of disputes and statutory regulation of leases have already begun to evolve.  That evolution will inevitably now hasten in the wake of today’s results and the clear appetite for constitutional reform.