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Monthly Archives: February 2015

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TVG hopes left on the beach

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that a beach in Newhaven could not be registered as a town or village green (TVG).

Opponents to development have long been using the TVG route to thwart unwelcome works, as once land is registered as a TVG it is effectively sterilised for redevelopment.  In order to register land Read More

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Taxing Variations? Part One- SDLT on Lease Variations

The reach of the tax man is long and in the context of lease variations it may also result in unexpected consequences for unwary landlords and tenants.  In the first of this two part blog we outline the various SDLT implications which may arise from common lease variations.

  • A variation to increase the rent in
Read More
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MCL gathers pace

The Model Commercial Lease steering committee (of which I am part) met yesterday.  The MCL is quietly gathering momentum with major real estate firms steadily reviewing and committing to support it regularly.  The MCL team have had lots of feedback with many really useful suggestions. Most of those will find their way into an updated Read More

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Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Since 1 September 2012, it has been a criminal offence to squat in residential property. However, how does this interact with the right of a squatter to claim ownership by way of adverse possession where he has been in possession of the property for the requisite 10 years but squatting has subsequently been criminalised?

The Read More

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The Heat is On

The shockwave travelling around the property industry at the moment is that landlords of multi-let buildings who operate communal central heating systems are considered to be suppliers of heating, cooling or hot water and must comply with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.

The introduction of the Regulations is staggered so, by 20 Read More

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Hotels: Business as (un)usual

Hogan Lovells and CBRE Hotels hosted their sixth annual hotel conference on 4 February 2015 to explore how hotels are faring in the third wave of the digital revolution. Entitled “Voting with their feet: how to win guests and influence people” in this general election year, the delegates themselves had a chance to vote on Read More

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Bona Vacantia – What Does it Mean?

What is bona vacantia?

Bona vacantia is one of those archaic Latin terms which crops up now and again, sometimes in the context of a property owner dying without a will and without heirs. But what exactly does it mean? It is actually Latin for “ownerless goods” and is the name given to ownerless property Read More