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Monthly Archives: August 2015

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Is a chalet a chattel? The rules laid bare

In Spielplatz Ltd v Pearson and another [2015] the Court of Appeal had to decide whether a chalet was a chattel (movable possession) or had become part of the land on which it was situated.  The Court decided it was part of the land. In 1992, the freehold owner of a naturist resort granted an

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UK Property will not be a safe haven for “dirty money”

Prime Minister, David Cameron recently announced his determination to tackle “dirty money” in UK property.  However, can such plans deliver the substance to bring about meaningful change? The National Crime Agency estimates that £5 billion a week is being laundered in Britain.  The government is concerned that money laundering by foreign criminals is skewing the

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Business rates: the Supreme Court decides on rating practice for separate floors in a building

Business rates are a tax on non-domestic property, with each property unit or “hereditament” being subject to a rateable value on which the tax is calculated. Where different parts of an office building are occupied by the same business, those parts have usually been treated as a single hereditament if they were contiguous (sharing a

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Increased burden on landlords as government tackles illegal immigration

The government has announced new measures that will affect landlords of residential property.  If introduced, landlords or their agents must check the identity and immigration status of their tenants.  More importantly, landlords in England will have to evict tenants who have no right to remain in the UK and could face imprisonment if they fail