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Politics and Property: Jackie Newstead interviews Steven Norris

The political landscape has seen some seismic changes of late. Jackie Newstead, our Global Head of Real Estate, talks to Steven Norris, former Conservative minister and current Chairman of BNP Paribas Real Estate UK and Soho Estates, about the new political agenda and what this means for the real estate industry. In a series of three short pieces, Jackie asks Steven to consider the challenges faced by government, the merits of the Northern Powerhouse and finally whether planning is still the elephant in the room.

Jackie talks to Steven about the government’s ambitious plans for infrastructure and how he rates the government’s performance so far

Jackie asks Steven for his views on the Northern Powerhouse and whether the concept can be delivered in practice

Finally Jackie asks Steven to elaborate on his view that “planning is the elephant in the room” and hears how he thinks the planning system could be improved