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Mistakes happen but High Court decision eases rectification

The case of Isaaks v Charlton Homes Ltd concerned a lease which incorrectly recorded the demise as a “third floor flat”. In fact, the property was a second floor flat. Surprisingly, this was only discovered several years after grant when the tenant’s lender sought to enforce the security it had and realised that the property

Posted in Case Updates

Stand and Deliver – Actual sale of freehold required for landlord to operate break clause linked to overage payment

HFI Farnborough LLP and others v Park Garage Group plc [2012] EWHC 3577 (Ch) HFI was the landlord of four petrol stations and Park was the tenant.  The leases contained a break clause permitting the landlord to terminate on three months’ notice. However, in each case there was a separate overage agreement which placed restrictions